1. Milo Manara

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  2. Só você


  3. finishing a season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and switching to Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami feels like when you used to play the sims and the kids would grow up and you’d start to play them in their own houses but you’d fall out of sync with their parents because you couldn’t play both at the same rate. 


  4. "Normal relationships are dynamic and unpredictable most of the time, while human beings are fickle," she said. "None of the evidence of a loving relationship, or a relationship turned sour, can assist this court."


  6. brb hanging Warhols 

  7. me right now


  8. take my shoes off / and throw them in the lake / and I’ll be two steps on the water 

  9. awkwardtaylorswiftdancing:

    It’s hard to take in all the wonder Miley, we feel you.

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  10. typostrate:

    Typostrate video wednesday 49

    The beauty of engraving letters on paper. In this video you can see what a big process lies behind this seeming simple method of typography. The guys in this film enjoy their craft with patience, experience and love for letters. Let this inspire you.

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  11. As of next week I’m halfway through my internship, and there’s finally some traction with the work I’ve been doing.  After many hours spent fine-tuning an important press release and a number of drafts of a blog, we’ve been featured on the BBC News website, and this afternoon The Guardian books section.  

    It’s great to be part of a team with people that I like and who really take the time to teach me about the job, but it’s twice as exciting being able to see something which you directly had a hand in come to fruition.  

    It reinforces why I haven’t taken more than 2 weeks off for two years, whilst friends enjoy university holidays. It gives me a little bit more strength to get through someone lecturing me about taking an unpaid internship - as though I’m complicit in something sordid.  And it makes seeing other people’s holiday photos a little easier, saying no to weeknights out a little less bitter, and not being able to justify the purchase of a Pret salad a little less demoralising. 


  12. made that fatal error