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  2. take my shoes off / and throw them in the lake / and I’ll be two steps on the water 

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    It’s hard to take in all the wonder Miley, we feel you.

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    Typostrate video wednesday 49

    The beauty of engraving letters on paper. In this video you can see what a big process lies behind this seeming simple method of typography. The guys in this film enjoy their craft with patience, experience and love for letters. Let this inspire you.

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  5. As of next week I’m halfway through my internship, and there’s finally some traction with the work I’ve been doing.  After many hours spent fine-tuning an important press release and a number of drafts of a blog, we’ve been featured on the BBC News website, and this afternoon The Guardian books section.  

    It’s great to be part of a team with people that I like and who really take the time to teach me about the job, but it’s twice as exciting being able to see something which you directly had a hand in come to fruition.  

    It reinforces why I haven’t taken more than 2 weeks off for two years, whilst friends enjoy university holidays. It gives me a little bit more strength to get through someone lecturing me about taking an unpaid internship - as though I’m complicit in something sordid.  And it makes seeing other people’s holiday photos a little easier, saying no to weeknights out a little less bitter, and not being able to justify the purchase of a Pret salad a little less demoralising. 


  6. made that fatal error

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  8. I’m in charge of the slideshow. 

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    always reblog. Brothers keeper animal kingdom style

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  10. January Jones photographed by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia, August 2014 

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  12. It’s nice the way you say my name,

    Not very fast or slow,

    Just soft and low,

    The same as when you tell me how you feel,

    I feel same way too,

    I’m very much in love with you.

    Strange how a phone call can change your day,

    Take you away, away from the feeling of being alone,

    Bless the telephone.